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Our Mission Statement

         *Real and Relentless Energy*                -Overcomes Negative Energy-

 Rare One is a movement based upon overcoming adversity. It does not matter what that adversity may have been. If you had the courage and strength to fight and overcome it. That makes you a Rare One!!! Because where you have succeeded, many others have failed.

Rare One aims to stick to the essence of the meaning of Rare. Webster's Dictionary defines the word as such: rare; 1. seldom occurring or found: UNCOMMON. 2. marked by unusual quality, merit, or appeal: DISTINCTIVE. 

So you see, Rare One does not intend on making any distinctions on who's Rare and who's not... Our purpose is to provide a product/brand you can relate to.

From a humble background, and influenced by his nearly 17 year struggle to prove his innocence and gain his freedom, Taron Hill had a vision. That vision was to establish a sports/fitness apparel line with an overwhelming message of diversity, inclusion, and wellness. Through every hardship and obstacle life threw his way, exercise and athletics have always been an outlet for him. Now he looks to inspire and motivate others to find the courage and confidence to overcome any challenge they are faced with. (Read Full Story)

Rare One is determined to invest in the youth, understanding that they are our future. The Rare One movement's goal is to nurture young people and give them the opportunity to let their Rare qualities shine. This applies to all age groups. Whether it’s through academics or athletics, nothing will make people more confident than to wear the symbol and logo of that which they are apart of. To receive Rare One rewards and apparel, sign up and email us at therareonemovement@gmail.com and submit your testimonial. Top three winners will be featured on our Blogs post page.